Monday, 2 February 2015

Meet Some Scariest Insects of the World – Pest Control Info for Home Owners

Thousands of insects exist in the world. Generally, they are pretty small, so you may wonder why anyone would ever be afraid of them. Believe it or not, but some creepy crawlers can really hurt humans, and can even kill you. Here is a list of scariest insects in the world.
Japanese giant hornets: The size of these insects is quite small. However, you can not underestimate this little beast because it releases dangerous poison. Not only that, but they encourage other hornets from the hive to come over and join their fight. This insect is generally not aggressive unless it feels threatened. Nevertheless, a number of people die from this hornet’s poison annually.

Puss caterpillars: These insects may look unassuming and sweet, but they have venomous spines that release a painful sting. Puss caterpillars can wreak havoc on victims and some have come closer to death. If the pain persists throughout the body, it is essential to visit a medical professional as early as possible.

Bed bugs: They tend to bite their sleeping victims on the face without them knowing. But some of their species do have a very painful bite. Plus, these kissing bugs can spread Chagas’ disease which can cause vomiting, rashes and fever. Sometimes, it also becomes difficult for doctors to figure out how to effectively treat the problem.

Scorpions: This insect's bite is delivered painfully though a long sting. They prefer to live outside but will wander inside through building cracks and crevices. Once they get inside, they often make their way into beds, shoes, clothes, and in some cases fruit boxes, which further increases the chances of a sting.

African ants: These insects usually travel in group to find food and get rid of anything that stands in their way. They are scary, and both adults and children are vulnerable to them. They can swarm inside their lungs and suffocate their victims.
Most of you get nervous at the first sight of pests in your home or yard, and immediately call a pest control technician for help. Although, it is a good option but you need to be vigilant of those insects that you are not familiar with and eliminate them from your house.

We undertake effective pest management solutions to keep pests away from your house without affecting your daily work. If they make you uncomfortable, call us and our pest control experts will inspect your home and provide treatment to stop their infestation.

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